Thursday, 30 July 2009


Is their anyone on the plant that has not hear of Banksy right now? I think not so I wont bother to explain who he is (what else is google for?), I worked in Bristol for 2 years and was used to seeing his work around he city (usually sprayed 3 storeys up on the side of buildings) so I was really excited to hear he was doing a free exhibition at the Bristol Museum.

They shut the whole place for a couple of months so he could run around setting his artwork up (what an amazing job that must have been!!) at the moment it takes about 2 hours to cue to get in and is probably the most popular exhibition the Museum has ever had running, people for all over the world have been coming to see it!
Which makes me a bit ashamed that Rich and I, who only live 20 minuets away haven't been yet! Well we've got till the end of August, and by God I will go and see it even if I have to stand in rain for 2 hours! Here's what I've been missing...

At this rate we'll be the only people in the south west who haven't seen it, must go to Bristol next week!!!!

Time Slips Away

Ok it is well established by now that I am a bad blogger, but I'm getting married in 6 weeks! that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

I'm also lucky enough to have two children's books I'm working on for an American publisher which is very exciting! that will keep me quite till next March, but in between I'm still trying to producing one or two other bits and bobs as well as trying to keep my shops running smoothly.

Here's two little images I managed to squeeze in:

I'd love to do more things like this, fingers crossed!

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