Sunday, 28 February 2010

Look What I Spotted...

Justify Full....Oooooh, am so excited! I was just reading Mandy's very lovely blog Belle and Boo (check it out, she does the most beautiful illustrations) when I spotted this photo of a magazine interview she had done...

...and whats that right in the middle of the page...yes, one of my Circuses!!

I must instantly rush out and buy hundreds of copy's to sent to everyone I've ever met! (or in reality 2 copy's for me and Mum...which Mum will end up buying.....thanks Mum, love you!)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Love In a Jar

Just thought I'd quickly show you a little present I made for my Mum recentaly, poor Mum her house is stuffed to the gills with this kind of thing from me and my sister over the years!

But then again who wouldn't want a jar full or butterflies!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

First Pigs Now Lions

I think one of the first few posts I did back in 2008 on this blog was about the King Bladuds Pigs public art project here in Bath, it was a great success at the time, so following on from this the same team are now doing another one, so this year we can expect out streets to be colonized by Lions!

I for one cant wait, the Pigs where wonderful and it was so lovely seeing them around the place, bring on the lions!

New for 2010

Yet again another unscheduled blog break, although I do have better reasons this time, so all in all 2009 was a funny old year and in some ways I'm pleased to be getting on with 2010.

So new for this year are my latest products for my little shops, I have finally after about 6 months of meaning to do so, made my Circuses up into flat packs, mean that people can buy one of my design and make them up themselves.

The packs come with 3 sheets with all the parts of the Circus printed out on and the little wooden pole to make the characters in the center turn, all you need to supply is glue, sharp scissors or a craft knife and a cork!

I already sold a batch to an little company in Australia, you can find their shop here, so I'll have to wait and see how popular they are, so far I've only done a few of my designs as flat packs as it takes quite a while to set them up (and try to write comprehensive instructions !!)