Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Guilt, that is what I have right now, guilt that I haven't up-dated the blogs as much as I should, guilt that I don't get as much work done in a day as I should, guilt that I need to do such mundane things as eating and sleeping when I should be working, guilt, guilt guilt!!

This is I find the one major draw back of working from home, the inability to switch off from work. I find myself of an evening gravitating back towards my Mac to just finish this little job off...oh and maybe answer the odd email...oh and I'll just print those Etsy orders off.....and suddenly is midnight arrrrrrr!

One advantage of my recent work obsession is that I finally, after a year of meaning to do it, have built a website for myself! hooray! Ok its not spectacular but at least its somewhere to refer people who are interested in my work too....introducing

I have ditched my third blog katwhelanillustrations.blogspot and am now using the website, I may eventually (and when I figure out how) move this blog over to there as well but quite frankly just building the site made my brain ache so that will have to wait till another time.

I have been doing many other exciting things, greeting cards, new flat pack Circuses for my Etsy and Folksy shops, a children's book and making some very nice Christmas present for my nearest and dearest all of which I unfortunately can't show you yet, but I will soon!

and finally, did I get to go the the amazing, never to be repeated Banksy exhibition.....No....I was getting married instead.....guilt!