Friday, 20 March 2009

New Ideas & A Little Break

Well I am going to be taking a little blog break for a week or two, I'm off to spend a week organizing things for our up and coming wedding, I will hopefully get a little free time to work on some new designs and ideas too. Heres some new stuff which will be added to the shop when I'm back and its open again.

Also heres a quick pic of Rich's valentines prezzy I made him...

Yep, its a ninja squirrel theater! Isn't love a wonderful thing!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Art Exhibition

Phew, what a busy 2 weeks its been, I have signed up to do a local art show at the beginning of May, I also made the slight dubious decision to volunteer to put together a website for it! Am I mad, maybe?!

Any how it has been what I shall diplomatically describe as a learning experience ( I have learned NEVER to volunteer for things! only joking!) the website is finally up and running with most of the artists who are taking part on there, although I have a feeling I shall end up tweaking it until the last minuet, mostly because I keep thinking of useful things to put on there or if I just moved this and this around it would look better!

Anyway its all good practice for building my own website which I will eventually get round to sometime this century!

So if anyone's in Bath on the Mayday Bank Holiday Weekend (2nd,3rd & 4th of May) and you fancy a look at some very beautiful things, come and see us!

Here's my entry on the site:

Take a peek at the site and then say nice encouraging things to me!