Wednesday, 23 June 2010


A few weeks ago I was approached on Etsy by another buyer offering to do a trade for one of my Theatres, naturally I'm always up for swaps, I just love getting nice stuff in the post (rather than large scary bills!) So I was over the moon when these showed up...

And when I opened mine (the biggest one naturally!)...

How cute, my very own Wol!

Come Wol, you shall sit on my Mac and watch me work (or waste time...depends what sort of day it is!) If you would like your own Owl or anything else then check out the very talented Abby's shop or her very cool blog!

Cheers Abby, I really love him!

Cake Cards

Apologise for the lack of posts, life is yet again running away from me, various project and ideas all crowding for head space!

Anyway a few of my recent cards designs....


©Kat Whelan