Wednesday, 25 June 2008



Wow the first post, always a little pressure to put something interesting, something that will get the attention of the reader... mmmm you'd think I'd be better at this by now!

So let me introduce myself, I'm Kat, I'm 27, I live in the city of Bath in the UK and I'm an Illustrator and Artist. Of course if you've found your way here from my other blog Shoestring Garden, you'll already know some of this so feel free to skip ahead! Unless your related to me in which case I fully expect you to read every word of this rubbish...there will be questions later!

So here's my story, basically I have been an Illustrator in the Greeting Card industry since I left university in 2002. I was lucky enough to get a full time job straight after graduation, I moved to the beautiful city of Bath and have been here ever since.
Unfortunately I was made redundant from that job in 2006, I spend about 6 months out of work before I landed another full time Illustrator position with a company in Bristol. A good company but a punishing 2 hour daily commute up two of the crappiest motor-ways in the country, driving on them really should be classed as some sort of extreme sport!
This lead to me being out of the house from 7-am till 7-pm, that's a damn long day!
I usually be so knackered by the weekend I'd sleep through most of it, this went on for 2 years, until about a month ago when I was yet again made redundant!

So here I am, no job, huge mortgage to pay, spiraling living costs and for some reason I'm not that sad about it, don't get me wrong, my partner and I will miss the regular income but I realized I hadn't been happy for a while, funny how I never noticed that before.

So why have I started a blog about all this, am I not sad enough already?! Well apparently not, this blog will mainly be about me being a freelance illustrator, jobs I get, ideas I come up with and where you can find my work, it will also (hopefully!) contain examples of other artist stuff, things that inspire me and exhibitions that get my creative juices going. Eventually it will have a link to my on-line shop selling hand made goods by Me (again, hopefully!)

...and one last thing, why is my blog called under the stair studios? because that were I'll be working!

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