Saturday, 29 November 2008

My Favourite Sculpture

Today Rich and I had the day in Bath, we've both been working pretty hard lately so I felt we deserved a brake, one of the places we always have to and have a look in is The Victoria Art Gallery, it's free to go in and they have some really amazing stuff on display.

My favourite thing is the sculpture they have in the entrance hall...

This is 'Lady-Hare on Dog' by Sophie Ryder, I think it just wonderful, I love the fact that the artist has used toys, kitchen implements and bits of old metal like bike chains and stuff in the casting.

Whenever we're usual there its always surrounded by kids looking at all the pieces in it and trying to recognize them, I really love the fact that this sculpture seems to draw so many people to it, you can't help but want to touch it!

You can see where Dog's nose has gone all shiny because everyone strokes him as they go past! No day out in Bath is complete without saying hello to Dog and Lady-Hare!

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