Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Victoriana Nursery

Another busy month slips by, I really don't know where the time goes some days?!

Anyway most of it has been spent doing various illustration jobs, a few new logos and a seed packet of all things. I regularly do bits and pieces of work for Victoriana Nursery's (See my other blog for more about this excellent company!) we agreed when they first approached me about designing them a logo that they would pay me in plants rather than cash, now I love our garden and am very into growing our own food this all works out rather well, plus I always really liked the barter aspect of our arrangement!

So over the last year or so Ive done quite a few buttons, logos and other things...

and most recentaly I was asked to re-design their seed packet artwork, I'm really chuffed, first time I've ever done a seed packet! I can't wait to order my flower seeds!

©Kat Whelan 2010

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