Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Pigs in Bath

We live in Bath in the UK, it's a really beautiful Georgian city (for those who may not have been!), at the moment around the city we have a public art event going on called King Bladud's Pigs, basically we have around 100 life sized pig sculptures all around the town that have been personalized by local artist and designers. Each pig has been sponsored by a local business and will be auctioned of in October (if you want to know more here's the link to the official website)

I really love this idea, every time I go in to town I spot one I haven't seen before, I'm a bit sad they'll only be around till the end of summer, anyway here are some I hunted out today.

I think my favourite so far is this last one, hes so cute!
I'm also worried I am become a little obsessive about this and start trying to photograph them all!

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GumballGrenade said...

We have a similar display here in Utah, USA. Down one of our historic streets there are horses decorated each with their own theme by various artists and organizations. During the Olympics I think there were Buffalo decorated similarly. We definitely need to add some flying pigs!